Senior Community Members

Shotokan USA is primarily meant to be a “community” – a place for Shotokan people to get together to communicate about technique, teaching, training and various activities.

But we do have some structure to help further this cause… Our group is growing so expect this list to be expanded as we add people to the community. Below are some of our senior members and their roles:

Lester Ingber – Senior Advisor
Sensei Ingber got his start in Shotokan in the 1950s and by the early 1970s had already established himself as one of the most “cerebral” Shotokan exponents, combining his academic understanding (physics PhD) with his interest in Karate technique and teaching.

Steve Ubl – Technical Advisor
Sensei Ubl was one of the most personal students of Senseis Nakayama, Nishiyama and Kanazawa in the early 1970s and has arguably reached a level of understanding and ability unparalleled globally.

Jon Keeling – Director of Instructional & Technical Committee
Sensei Keeling is the coordinator for the group.